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Vietnam-UK network of higher education, innovation and entrepreneurship (VU-HEIE) is a network of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Hospitals in Vietnam and the UK. It is aimed at co-developments of collaborative Research and Technological Development (RTD) projects and collaborations in Higher Education, with the focus on (1) Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Development of innovative, cost-effective and high-value added products and services for a better quality of life, especially for Vietnam and developing countries, (2) The state of the art Learning, Teaching and Assessment; and (3) Employability and Professional career developments.

Our mission

Our mission is to sustainably develop fruitful collaborations in both Higher Education and RTD among HEIs, SMEs and Hospitals in Vietnam and the UK as well as their international partners.

For a long term plan, VU-HEIE is aimed to enhance human resources in both numbers and quality for Vietnam in Innovative design and development of High-Value added products, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Employability and Career Development, through the effective technology transfer, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), and placement programmes as well as state of the art learning, teaching and assessment methods, with the fruitful and sustainable collaborations and innovation links among HEIs and their partners in Vietnam and the UK.

Our value

Our value is based on the sustainable university-business partnership with the know-how, skills and reputation of the highly and motivated members and partners as well as our commitments to serve the community, especially to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for the low-income population, based on the local resources and technologies.

The UK’s research base is at the heart of its innovative capability. The UK also has outstanding potential in the field of business–university collaboration; it develops and attracts some of the best talent in the world and a supply chain ecosystem is already in place. Most of the study programmes and courses at HEIs in UK are accredited, with state of the art learning, teaching and assessment methods, including constructive alignment, problem-based learning, active and collaborative learning. UK also has a very good experience about development of high-quality human resources in RTD via Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and placement programmes (Industry engagement). Therefore, HEIs and RTD organisations in Vietnam will benefit from the fruitful knowledge sharing and collaborations with HEIs in UK in both education and RTD. The local companies in Vietnam, especially SMEs will benefit indirectly and directly via (i) Employments of high-quality human resources, (2) Technology transfer activities about High-Value added products and services, and (3) Enhancement of innovation as well as entrepreneurship skills and knowhow. VU-HEIE also aims to working on investigation and development of strategic plans for funding bodies in Vietnam about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and placement programmes. In this way, the strong business–university collaborations and fruitful networking between universities and the business community are sustainably maintained and implemented.

Our strategy

Our strategy for RTD activities is to answer the following question: How the emerging technologies can be cost-effectively, practically and widely applied for innovative change mechanisms with a focus on cost-effective and smart solutions, in design and development of products and services for a better quality of life in developing countries.

Generally, VU-HEIE is aimed to improve and focus on 4 main issues in Vietnam in particular and in developing countries in general: (1) Effective learning, teaching & assessment methods, (2) Embedding employability within the taught curriculum, (3) Internships and Placement Programmes, (4) Innovative development of High-Value added products, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and (5) Technology transfer activities. In this way, the quality and number of human resources in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is sustainably enhanced; and the employability is able to be improved.

Universities are an integral part of the skills and innovation supply chain to business, a supply chain that has the capability to support business growth and therefore economic prosperity. For a medium and long term plan, VU-HEIE is aimed to develop the sustainable partnership and collaborations among HEIs in the UK and Vietnam, with the strong links to industrial and advanced technology partners.