Fablab Cantho joins HAPIE project funded by British Council

Fablab Cantho joins HAPIE project funded by British Council. Fablab Cantho leads a mini project on design and development of 3D Printers or 3D Food Printers for Problem-Based Learning case studies. This mini project is co-led by Duy Anh Pham (photo: 3rd from the right at the 2nd line) and Tri Bill respectively CTO & Director of Partnerships of Fablab Cantho. Prof. Le Chi Hieu, Senior Lecturer at University of Greenwich, is Coordinator of the project and member of Advisory Board of Fablab Cantho.

Mr. Pham said “We’d like to thank project coordinator board and British Council to give us a chance to work with experienced and excellent research groups in Vietnam and UK. I myself believe that this support will help us to disseminate and promote our products to serve community”.

For more detail about FABLAB Can Tho, please visit http://fablabcantho.org/index.php