The British Council in Vietnam worked closely with Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to Kick Off the UK Vietnam Higher Education Network

A new Project has been accepted by British Council for funding for 2018 with match-fund from institutions in the partnership. The title of the project is “Transnational Education and Research via the Academic Mobility, Business-University Collaborations and the Joint Postgraduate Programmes in Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (TEAM-SIE). The project is within the framework of the UK Vietnam Higher Education Partnership (UK-VN HEP) initiative 2018-2019 – an initiative to support the setting up of the UK Vietnam Higher Education Network which brings together UK and Vietnam HEIs to discuss global issues and disseminate outcomes achieved through UK-VN HEP in order to deliver higher impacts in higher education internationalisation and to support the development and implementation of Vietnam’s master plan for higher education (HE) development from 2021-2030 and vision 2035.

Left to right: Prof. Dr Raymond Lee (Associate Dean at Faculty of Technology, University of Portsmouth), Assoc. Prof. Dr Van Duy Nguyen (TEAM-SIE project leader, Nha Trang University) and Prof. Dr Jun Nakajima (JICA Expert and Special Advisor to the Rector at Vietnam Japan University) participating in UK Vietnam higher education collaboration forum on 30 October 2018 in Hanoi

The project has the following 2 objectives (O):
(1) Objective O1: To develop and implement the Joint Postgraduate Study Programme in Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship among the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) from the UK and Vietnam, in close collaborations and partnerships with the regional and international HEIs. This joint study programme will have the internationally professional recognition, accredited by the well-known regional and international Evaluation of Research and Higher Education organisations, such as the UK’s Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Institution of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE), the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES) etc. , and step-by-step to develop the Transnational Education (TNE) partnerships that promote the UK qualifications and stimulate the academic and student mobility.
(2) Objective O2: To develop the fruitful links between the university and business, especially in Vietnam, based on the experiences from HEIs in the UK, via the specific case-studies, research & development (R&D) projects, and the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programmes. The fruitful Business-University collaborations are very important in today’s higher education systems, especially when facing the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0.

The successful implementations of Objectives O1 & O2 will lead to the following outputs that this TEAM-SIE project expects the partnership to deliver, which include: (1) TNE programmes developed during the project lifetime; & (2) TNE programmes developed during the project lifetime; (3) Creation of innovative partnerships on research and innovation; (4) Good case study on sustainable and innovative partnership to be shared among UK – Vietnam Higher Education Network; (5) U-U-I and U-I-G for sustainable development & graduate employability; (6) Creation of mobility /placement programme for students, either in UK, or in Vietnam and East Asia countries; and (7) Production of case studies for dissemination to HE systems in both countries (UK & VN).

The project has 17 HEIs & SMEs in Vietnam and the UK participating as Key Partners. The Lead Partner Nha Trang University (Dr Van Duy Nguyen) will work closely with Coordinator Partners such as Long Sinh Co. Ltd. (Dr Vinh Hiep Vuong), University of Greenwich (Dr Chi Hieu Le) and Cardiff University (Dr Michael Packianather) as well as all partners to fruitfully and sustainably strengthen the current UK-VN partnerships in Higher Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (, and to create the direct impacts and outcomes for the UK-VN HEP programme, via the academic mobility, business-university or University – Industry (U-I) collaborations and the joint postgraduate programmes in sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.

After HAPIE project, all partners will become a Happier TEAM!

Assoc. Prof. Dr Anh Tuan Mai, HAPIE project leader