Microfabrication Laboratory and Pilot Center at Hoa lac Hightech Park (MPH) project is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in 2016 (the total investment is 5,5 millions pounds) , and the National Center for Technological Progress (belongs to MOST) was assigned to be the project lead and to implement it. During the project implementation, the Center was interested in the way members of the HAPIE project stay connected and support each other. After a short discussion, the General Director of NACENTECH invited and assigned A/S. Anh Tuan Mai, lead of HAPIE, to the director of MPH. The lab locates in the heart of Hoalac High-Tech Park plays a role in research and development of innovated products for biomedical engineering, food processing and environment application, support the expert in MEMS technology, Materials Science and so on. With 2.5 ha surface, the pilot center is willing to support and cooperate with SME, star-up, spin-off companies as well as the organisation who intend to invest to the part but want to save the cost at the initial phase.

Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park is a National Hi-tech Park with the scale of 1.586 ha and is developed to become a science city, a place that attracts investors in the research & development field; training and incubation; manufacturing hi-tech products in the fields: Biotechnology, Information – communication technology, New material technology and Automation technology. On the other hand, to become a science city, Hi-tech Park needs to attract investors of social infrastructure such as: housing, office, commercial centre, hospital, school, logistics, leisure…More about HHTP, please click here.