3C Machinery Co, LTD is one of the research and manufacturing company in robotic and automation area. Located in Hochiminh City, Vietnam. We design and development of robotic systems with highly cost-effective and and innovative configuration and technologies, rapid and flexible response to the emerging need about automation of the core industrial applications for SMEs in developing countries.


The products are in wide range application including educational Aids-Equipment, Embedded Systems; semiconductor robots, medical robots, & mobile robots, industrial robots & Flexible Manipulator Control, haptic Devices & Human – Robot Interaction, variable Impedance Actuator, Exoskeleton.

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The R&D team of our company composes talent young researchers, highly motivated engineers who are excellent at  mechanical, electronic, embedded system, and software. We collaborate with US, Japan, India, China teams. Currently, we’re serving 500 customers from 40 countries and territories.