Le Quy Don Technical University (LQDTU) is one of the national key universities in Vietnam, which offers multidisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate education in engineering and management.

The University academic staff today consists of 76 Professors and Associate Professors, 345 Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Science. Among teaching staff there is a number of world-class engineering and technology experts.


There has been considerable investment in the University facilities with over 100 modern fundamental, specialized laboratories, and well-equipped specialized classrooms… The University offers 12 academic programs for Doctoral degree, 16 – for Master’s degree and 14 – for Bachelor’s degree. Today over 10,000 undergraduates and over 2,000 graduates are learning at LQDTU.

The University also takes an active part in research and educational programs and cooperates with national and international partner universities, such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology; Vietnam National University, Hanoi; Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University); University of New South Wales; Tsinghua University; Nanjing University of Science and Technology… The University sends staff to England, Australia, Japan… for study as well.

Over the past 50 years of development, LQDTU has provided tens of thousands of well-qualified engineers, and has successfully implemented hundreds of national and ministerial research projects, which has made great contributions to industrialization and modernization of the country.