As objectives of the project, the partners have tried to create, maintain and enhance the collaboration with the companies, clinic centers and hospitals through the internship of the students, the short training, the MoU or even contract with the business partners.

Dr. Van Thao Ta, CEO of CHEMEDIC and the students from HUST in a training class

CHEMEDIC, a clinic center in Hanoi, decided to participate as extended in-kind support partner of the project because the center is aware of the important role and the impact through the collaboration with active network and highly motivated experts in Vietnam and UK. The both side partners have conducted some activities so far and came to an agreement in which the BIOMAT, from HUST, will design and manufacture the cost-effective microfluidic for CHEMEDIC for coming analysis and committed to purchase if the quality, expense meet the requirement of the center.

Dr. Oscar Ahumada, General Manager, explained how the system works

NACENTECH, a partner of the project, have launched a 5-day training for staff and PhD students from technical universities in Hanoi about the Scala platform which can support the Vietnamese researchers in development of ultra-sensitive system for early stage detection of cancer cell. This system is cutting-edge technology which enable to detect the HIV in the first week after infection with 5 order sensitivity as compared to ELISA technique. This result attracted huge media coverage. Click here for more detail.

We do hope that the collaboration model within HAPIE project will be as an example about the international and multi-partner collaboration that can be implemented to different research centers, institutions and high technological companies in Vietnam.