After organising the Newton Fund Researchers Link workshop in Vietnam, 26-27 June 2016, entitled “A Vietnam-UK Workshop on Development and Applications of Advanced Biomaterials and Medical Devices to Improve Health Outcomes of Underserved Populations”, the UK and Vietnam’s partners have been connected and maintained the continuous development of the collaborative network and collaborations.

Firstly, the network of Vietnam-UK network of higher education, innovation and entrepreneurship (VU-HEIE) via the website and Facebook group is regularly maintained to update the potential opportunities for collaborations among the UK and Vietnam’s experts as well as the activities of the network.

Secondly, since June 2016 to February 2018, the UK and Vietnam’s partners of the VUHEIE Network were funded successfully at least 8 projects with total funding of more than 400,000 GBP. The following are the typical collaborative projects as the results of the collaborations between the UK and Vietnam partners of the Network.

(1) Innovative and cost-effective development of a hybrid serial-parallel manipulator –Structural Dynamics, Control and Design Optimization, Le Quy Don Technical University, funded by NAFOSTED

(2) Development of an automatic microfluidic system for single cell analysis, Le Quy Don Technical University, funded by NAFOSTED

(3) Innovative design and development of anticancer bacteriocins from the human microbiome: The Big-Data and Bioinformatics approach, Nha Trang University & University of Greenwich, by NAFOSTED & Newton Fund (NAFOSTED – UK Academies Collaboration Programme)

(4) Design and develop innovative and cost-effective industrial robot for automation SMEs in Vietnam, Robot3T, funded by NATIF

(5) Enhancements of High-Quality Human Resources and Employability for Vietnam in Design and Development of High-value Added Products, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Greenwich, Cardiff University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Saigon Hi-Tech Park, funded by British Council

(6) Microfluidics, Nanomaterials, and Point-of-Care in Healthcare for developing countries, Ho Chi Minh International University & The University of Sheffield, funded by Newton Fund (Newton Fund Researchers Links)

(7) Cost-effective solutions & assistive technologies for low-income aging populations, Le Quy Don Technical University & University of Greenwich, funded by Newton Fund (Newton Fund – Southeast Asia Regional Researcher Links Workshops)

(8) Innovative design & development of sport and toy products for enhancement of the levels of physical activity with an active play, Le Quy Don Technical University & University of Greenwich, funded by SME in UK, Bruce O’Brien and Associates

Thirdly, up-coming academic exchange events are still planned for next years. For examples, there are workshops and international conference in Vietnam in June and August 2018 as follows.

(1) Vietnam-UK workshop on Microfluidics, Nanomaterials, and Point-of-care Technologies

– Date: June 27-29, 2018

– PI: Dr. Cecile Perrault (The University of Sheffield) and Dr. Khon Huynh (Ho Chi Minh International University)

– Link for more information:

– UK and VN researchers can apply themselves for a travel grant via an online google form ( before April 15th.

(2) 7th International Conference in Vietnam on the Development of Biomedical Engineering

– Date: June 27-29, 2018 (the same days of organising the Newton Fund Researcher Link workshop)
– Link for more information:
– Abstract deadline: March 8th, 2018
– Full-text deadline: March 30th, 2018

(3) ASEAN-UK workshop on Cost-effective solutions and assistive technologies for low-income aging populations

– Date: August 22-24, 2018

– PI: Dr. Chi Hieu Le (University of Greenwich) and Dr. Duc Tang Tran (Le Quy Don Technical University)

– Main Partners: University of Greenwich (UK), Cardiff University (UK), Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), Le Quy Don Technical University (Vietnam), Universiti Teknologi MARA (Malaysia), and University of Portsmouth (UK).

– Link for more information: To be confirmed (should be available in March-April 2018).

– Number of participants: 35-40 (10 from UK, 10 from Thailand and Malaysia, and 15-20 from Vietnam).

– Topics for the workshop: (1) T1: Challenges & problems caused by aging populations in developing countries; (2) T2: Cost-effective solutions & assistive technologies for healthy low-income ageing populations; (3) T3: The 3-5-10 years road-maps of assistive technologies & cost-effective solutions; for developing countries to tackle problems of aging populations; and (4) T4: Health economics & public health for low-income aging populations.