The UK and Vietnam officially established their diplomatic relationship 50 years ago – the UK/Vietnam Season was organized by the British Council to commemorate this milestone and celebrate the British Council’s 30th anniversary in Vietnam. The UK/Vietnam Season is an opportunity to further strengthen existing relationships and forge more and more innovative partnerships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding between two countries.


Within the framework of the UK/Vietnam Season Program funded by British Council, Vietnam Mistry of Science and Technology and other foundations, the Vietnam – UK workshops and meetings in Nha Trang on 22-23 July 2023 and in Hanoi on 26- July 2023 are organized with the objectives of the Scientific and Technological (S&T) Presentations, are (a) to introduce the S&T expertise and backgrounds of participants, and b) to highlight the S&T contents and raised S&T challenges and opportunities for potential collaborations in Research & Technology Development (R&D) and Higher Education (HE) among participants of the workshop, with the focus on the proposed workshop themes:

(1) Climate, Environment & Sustainable Development, (2) Shared Heritage on the UK & Viet Nam partnerships, (3) Education (Digital Education & Academic Mobility), University – Industry links & Impactful Research, (4) Bioengineering and Sustainable Health, (5) Other related topics.

The Vietnam – UK workshops and meetings are organized as two Special Sessions within the framework of the MSDI International Conference 2023 ( with 250+ participants at Nha Trang University to share the common topics related to sustainable development and maximize opportunities for experts and participants to meet together, exchange and discuss, thus contributing innovative solutions to promote effective and sustainable development in higher education and business cooperation, economic growth, social welfare, environmental protection and public health.

Special Session 01: The UK and Vietnam Workshop on a Shared Heritage of Sustainable University-Industry Links, Impactful Research, Digital Education, and Academic Mobility (iRDAM) will be chaired by Prof Johannes Benedikt (Cardiff University), Prof Anh Phan (Newcastle University), Dr Michael Packianather (Cardiff University), and Dr Chi Hieu Le (University of Greenwich). This session will feature 5 keynote speeches and lectures, 8 invited presentations, as well as various industry showcases presented by leaders from over 30 universities, research institutes, and companies in Vietnam and the UK.

Special Session 02: The UK-Vietnam Workshop on Bioengineering and Sustainable Health: Spore Vectored Vaccine for Helicobacter pylori and New Technologies for Sustainability will be chaired by Prof Simon Cutting (Royal Holloway University of London), Dr Huu Thai Duong (Director of Institute of Vaccines and Biological Medicals (IVAC)), Assoc. Prof. Hung Vu Khac (Director of Institute for Veterinary Research and Development of Central Vietnam (IVRD)), and Dr Minh Thiet Vu (Vice Director of NTT Hi-tech Institute, Nguyen Tat Thanh University). This session will include 6 oral presentations and 8 posters showcasing new findings and fruitful collaborations between universities and research institutes in the fields of medicine and sustainable health in Vietnam and the UK.

The workshops and meetings are organised and coordinated by key collaborators from Cardiff University, Nha Trang University, University of Greenwich and Newcastle University, with the strong support from the well-established partnerships of 30+ partners in VN-UK HEIE, the Vietnam – UK network of Higher Education (HE), Innovation and Entrepreneurships (, has successfully secured 4+ million GBP of external funding since 2015 from both the UK and Vietnam for Research, Innovation and HE activities, with active engagements and networking among scientists, researchers and experts from Vietnam, ASEAN and the UK, as well as fruitful University-Industry collaborations.

More than 100 participants enjoyed within two special sessions of the workshops in Nha Trang. Among them, 60% are university staff, 15% students, 12% from research institutes, 3% from government sector and 11% from industry. They come from 28 different organisations, including Cardiff University (UK), Nha Trang University (Vietnam), University of Greenwich (UK), Newcastle University (UK), Royal Holloway University of London (UK),  University of the West of England (UK), Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Vietnam), Hue University (Vietnam), Hung Yen University of Technology and Education (Vietnam),  Le Quy Don Technical University (Vietnam),  Hanoi University of Public Health (Vietnam), The National Technology Innovation Fund (Vietnam),  Nha Trang Institute of Technology Innovation and Application (Vietnam),  Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Hochiminh city (Vietnam),  Thu Dau Mot University (Vietnam),  Nguyen Tat Thanh University (Vietnam),  VNU-HCM International University (Vietnam), VNU-Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology (Vietnam), Institute of Chemical Technology, Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals (IVAC), Institute for Veterinary Research and Development of Central Vietnam (IVRD), Biopharco, Huro Probiotics, Khanh Hoa International Health Quarantine Center,  Vinmec Nha Trang International Hospital, etc.


The workshops and meetings are key activities within the iRDAM project which will showcase the shared heritage of the UK-Vietnam partnerships in research, innovation and higher education, which sustainably enhances the bilateral relationship among the members of VN-UK HEIE, the Vietnam-UK network of Higher Education (HE), Innovation and Entrepreneurships (, with active participations of 30+ partners from industries and Higher Education Institution (HEIs), with collaborative projects funded by Newton Fund, British Council, MRC, MOST, VINIF, NAFOSTED, and NATIF in a wide range of multidisciplinary areas of emerging research, innovation and industrial applications, whereby directly tackling the global challenges.

Shared heritage of sustainable university – Impactful Research, Digital Education and Academic Mobility (iRDAM) – one of the 31 UK/Viet Nam Season collaborative grant projects, helps address sustainability, the UN’s sustainable goals, creative solutions to protect our planet, and the shared heritage between the UK and Vietnam and UK on impactful research and higher education (HE), transnational and digital education, academic mobility, and University-Industry (U-I) links. The project presents these topics at the international conference on Marine Sustainable Development and Innovation at Nha Trang University on 22 July 2023, with the participation from Cardiff University, Greenwich University, Royal Holloway University of London, and Newcastle University from the UK.

The project is also a shared heritage from previous British Council’s funded partnership projects. Donna McGowan, Country Director, British Council in Viet Nam said ‘I am so impressed to learn about the impact that your partnership has enabled during the past years – a network of over 30 partners and over GBP4 million through various funding sources from Viet Nam, UK and others. This shows the depth, breadth and heritage of partnership that has impactful research and innovation outcomes and is also the evidence to showcase the shared heritage of the UK-Viet Nam partnerships in research and development and HE partnerships.’

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